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I'm just your average 40 (ish) chic that tends to be a little skeptical of things outside my wheelhouse. I did a little research & understood the general science behind red light therapy but honestly, I went into this with moderately low expectations. I had lost over 200 lbs and have lots of saggy excess skin, so I didn't see myself as a typical client. I was hoping to see a little difference in my arms, since they are what I am most self conscious of. Half a dozen sessions later, there was not only a loss of inches on my body, but I bought my favorite jeans in a size smaller!  The best part for me was the completely unexpected bonus of an increase in range of motion in my neck without pain!!  I have absolutely ZERO regrets about giving red light therapy a shot!



Santa Rosa

After only 3 sessions of Slim Sculpt, I lost one inch around my waist. I am amazed by the results and will soon be scheduling another 3-6 treatments. The process was easy, quick, and painless. I will definitely be recommending this to my friends and family. 



After the stress the fires caused my family by losing our home and moving several times, I gained weight. On my first treatment I noticed a bit of a difference in the fit of the pants I was wearing. After my 5th treatment I have lost over an inch in my stomach and waist and also an inch in my thighs. I am very happy I found this system and the little edge it has given me to jump start me into my bikini this summer.


Glen Ellen

After giving birth to my 9.2 lb son by caesarean nearly 2 years ago I hadn't been able to lose my mommy tummy. I am only 5ft and slight of built and this was really bugging me. I started my sessions with Light-N-UP a couple weeks ago and am very happy with my progress. Just had my 7th session and lost a total of 3 1/2 inches in my waist & lower belly. I find the treatments soothing and relaxing and already have more confidence. I will be starting a new job next week and this gave me a real boost. Looking forward to more sessions soon!