Nancy Kenneally


After 28 years in real estate helping clients happily achieve their real estate goals, I wanted to help our community in a new way. Many of our clients and friends had not only lost their homes in the devastating fires of October 2017 that blazed through Sonoma County, but their spirits and hearts were broken too. I saw how negatively it was affecting their health and appearances. I could also see the changes in my own attitude & health, including weight gain and added inches, especially around my stomach area. I was inspired by this technology after a trip to Southern California where several spas and salons were already using LED red light therapy with fantastic results. After trying it myself I was, as we say in the real estate business, SOLD! 

So after much investigating I brought home to  Sonoma County.....Slim Sculpt! I think you will find it the easiest way to lose those extra inches while relaxing at our salon LIGHT-N-UP! We are offering you a free 30 minute consultation to see if Slim Sculpt is right for you. If it is, you can book your 30 minute treatment right away. You will spend 20 minutes under the warm calming red lights as they flush the fat from your body, followed by 10 minutes on an invigorating vibration machine that helps accelerate the release of fat cells throughout your system.

What can you expect? If you follow the easy game plan you can expect inch loss as soon as your first session. Most people see results between their 3rd & 6th treatment. Clients have reported results that not only include inch loss, but improvement of skin texture, reduction in the appearance of cellulite, and pain relief. If you are tired of fad diets and exercise hasn't helped you with problem areas like tummy bulge, love handles, and thigh and rear jiggles then Slim Sculpt might be your bull's eye for those areas you want to target for inch loss and fat reduction.

THE FUTURE OF FAT LOSS has arrived and it's right here in Sonoma County waiting to shine its light on you! Let us help you de-stress your mind, body & spirit while you lose inches and LIGHT-N-UP! Call or click now for your